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10 months ago

Real Estate Investment Tutorial


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This is an excerpt from my book: Turning Myths into Money; An Insider's Guide to winning the Real Estate Game.

Buying an investment property can not only provide monthly income, but also serve as a retirement vehicle. But you do need a certain level of knowledge to become an effective investor. Learn everything you can.

The worst real estate investment is one unit (a house); the next worst is two units, and so on. The reason for that is the return on investment and the risk. If you have four units and one is vacant, you still have income from the other three units. But if you have a house (one unit) and it is va

10 months ago

Italy’s Leader, Silvio Berlusconi, Offers to Resign

Photo Home Secretary Roberto Maroni, left, Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, center, and Minister of Federal Reforms Umberto Bossi during a vote on Tuesday. Credit Alessandro Di Meo/European Pressphoto Agency ROME The European debt crisis appeared to claim its most prominent victim on Tuesday when Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi of Italy, cornered by world markets and humiliated by a parliamentary setback, pledged to resign after Italys Parliament passes austerity measures demanded by the European Union.

Although Mr. Berlusconis exit was not immediate weeks of politic

10 months ago

Marcus & Millichap Real Estate Investment Services.

Marcus & Millichap Real Estate Investment Services announced the following sales:

* Reading Ridge Center, a 22,424 s/f retail property in Flemington. NJ, sold for $2,200,000. Michael Lombardi represented the seller, a private investor. Lombardi also secured the buyer, a private investor. Reading Ridge attracted 16 offers from investors in NJ, PA and NY with an all cash buyer from NJ ultimately winning the deal. * 31 West 87th Street, a four-unit multifamily property, sold for $5,100,000 and a capitalization rate of 2,9 percent. Scott Edelstein, Sean Lefkovits and Peter Von Der Ahe represented the seller, a limited liability company.


* 157 Bleecker Street, a vacant 5,100 s/f mixed-use property, sold for $5,500,000. Barbara Dausker and Zach Ziskin represented the seller, a limited liability company. The buyer, a developer, was also secured and represented by Dansker and Ziskin,

* The McCartney Building, a 4,000 s/f, two-story, mixed-use retail and office property located al 475 Ash ford Avenue in Ardsley, NY, sold for $500,000. Steven Rock and Harry Delany represented the sellers.

* 458 West more 50th Street, a six-unit apartment property, sold for $2,980,000. Joe Koicim, Sean Lefkovits, and Peter Von Der Abe, along with Robert Hunter represented the seller, a private investor. The buyer is a foreign investment fund that specializes in redevelopment opportunities and owns several properties in Brooklyn and New Jersey.

10 months ago

How Real Estate Investing is a Good Way to Create Wealth

Selling and buying in real estate is definitely a good way to make money. Additional ways are short term rentals, vacation rentals, flips etc. If you handle the deals wisely you will definitely be able to make good profits.

Long Term Rentals

If you are able to purchase a property at a price below the market value, then repair and do it up, you will be able to rent out the same property and get a handsome profit.

You can get click to read as much as 20% cash profit on such long term rentals not including equity pay down, tax benefits and appreciation. In the case of long term investments you need to keep your focus

11 months ago


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I'm addicted to decorating shows! My favourites right now? Colour Confidential, Color Splash and Property Virgins.

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Working with a Green Real Estate Agentby Kathryn Vercillo5 years ago

Not too long ago people whowanted to have green homes needed to either build the homes themselves look here or hirea green builder to do the renovations for them. This is no longer the case.There are now green homes on the...

Buying Spanish Real Estate - Your home in Spainby Stephen Gould4 years ago

I've been living in the interior of Spain since 2003, firstly in Murcia and more recently in Andalucia. During that time I've worked with real estate agents as a translator and also worked on many projects with...

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12 months ago

Real Estate Investment Loans - 2 Important Tips To Consider.

Have you ever thought about how come some real estate investors don't meet their monthly payments for their real estate investment loans or why their red hot real estate investment has turned to ice? This article will look at two important external components credited to Real Estate Investment Loans that can bear upon the viability of your real property Investment.

>>>> The First Important Tip is "Interest Rates"...One of the key advantages you'll have with Investment Real Estate over other methods of investing is the large quaintly of information available on the internet. If you're not familiar with macro-economics, the 1st common bit of economics that you should learn a

1 year ago

Really Good Real Estate Investment Ideas And Advice

With any business venture, the true power lies in knowledge. Real estate investing can help you get a large income over the years, but that is only if you have chosen good properties. This piece offers useful insights about launching a real estate investment career.

Make sure that you create a game plan for what you desire to accomplish. Figure out how much time the process will take and if it will be worth your while. When you have developed a plan, meet with the necessary parties to discuss the deal that you want to achieve.

Careful not to overextend in terms of buying property. Real estat

1 year ago

Want to stay free when you travel? Swap homes

Want to stay free when you travel? Swap homes

by: M.T. Simon

Experience the life of someone in New York, Florida, California, Italy, France, Switzerland, Great Britain or many other destinations. Enjoy their home, lifestyle and car. Meet their friends. Visit their home town and country. You can do all these things and stay for free by exchanging homes.

For more than 50 years Americans have exchanged homes with families in the U.S. and abroad. Every year, approximately half a million (500,000) people swap homes for a week, a month or more. Anyone with a home available for an exchange and the willingness to find a good swap partner can participate in a home exchange.

For purposes of home exchanges, what is a home?

A home can be a single family home; condominium, rental apartment; yacht or sailboat; motor home; or houseboat.

How do you exchange homes?

Once you find out if you are a good home exchange candidate, you can begin the home exchange process. To do that you will have to decide: Where you want to go; who you want to travel with and when; how much money you can spend finding an exchange and on the trip; and what you are willing to offer prospective exchangers.

How do you find home exchangers?

You can place an ad in a newspaper of the city or country you want to visit; talk with other exchangers for referrals. A more efficient and faster way is to visit and join one or more home exchange organization websites.

Car Exchanges

Some exchangers include their cars in the home exchange agreement. That means they drive each others cars while they stay at each others homes.

Top ten benefits of home exchanging

1.Staying free!

2.Living like the locals during your stay

3.Gaining an understanding of how people in other places live

4.Being able to stay in locations where there are no hotels or other accommodations

5.Meeting new people, making new friends

6.Your home is taken care of while you travel

7.Being able to sample local foods

8.More privacy

9.Save money by cooking your own meals

10.You have more space than at a hotel

Who exchanges homes?

All kinds of people exchange homes. There are teachers, journalists, doctors, archeologists, psychologists, realtors, homemakers, and many other occupations and professions represented among home exchangers. Many home exchangers are adults over 40 and retirees. There are offers of modest homes and luxurious estates. Home swappers tend to be educated, reliable, respectful of others things and interested in travel.

Whether you are planning a vacation to Hawaii, an extended leave in New York or a business trip to London, home exchanging could be what you are looking for. Before you let a stranger stay in your home and before you hop on a plane on your way to a home swap, there are some things you need to know. Make sure you ask lots of questions and know what you are doing before you agree to an exchange.

About The Author

M.T. Simon is co-author of a popular how-to guide on home exchanging, The Home Exchange Guide (Poyeen Publishing, $19.95). For information on home swapping and list of organizations visit

This article was posted on February 20, 2006

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